The first chakra is called the Root Chakra, or Muladhara in Sanskrit. 

Muladhara translated in literal terms is “root of existence”, as the word is broken down like this:

mula = Root, Core Essence

adhara = Platform, Base, Foundation, element of Earth


The Root Chakra is located near the genital region and base of the spine or tailbone. Just like the root is the foundation of a plant, our Root Chakra is the foundation for our mind, body, and emotions and is the beginning rung in our chakra climb. Without a strong, healthy foundation the rest of one’s being can crumble.


On the surface, the Root Chakra deals with our very basic physical human functions: food, sleep, safety, and survival. The fight or flight instincts reside in this chakra.

The corresponding element with this chakra is Earth.

Awakening the unconscious energy in the Root Chakra is the starting point to unlock the following chakras of the body. You can consider it a gateway of sorts to the remaining six chakras.

There is an energy called the Kundalini  that is “sleeping” in this chakra. Awakening the energy will jump start your pursuit to opening all the chakras and allowing that energy to flow upwards through your body and being.

The red symbol for the Root Chakra has a lotus flower with four visible petals. The petals represent the following energies within the Root Chakra:

  • Joy
  • Pleasure (natural, instinctual)
  • Controlling Passion
  • Concentration

The Root Chakra, like all chakras, needs balance. The Root Chakra must have balance in the above mentioned areas. Overuse or misuse of any of these four areas may cause an unbalanced Root Chakra.

As duality has it, the unbalanced side of the Root Chakra may display in ones emotions and desires with the adverse traits. Here are the four energies/emotions that need to be controlled once the Root Chakra is awakened and open:

  • Anger
  • Over Indulgence in Passions
  • Over Indulgence in Pleasures
  • Excessive Desires

It’s important to acknowledge these possibilities of how the Root Chakra energy may manifest in you. Your control and discipline of these energies will determine if you can move your energy beyond the Root Chakra, or not.


All of our experiences on Earth are kept in this chakra, like a memory bank so to speak. This is where Karma resides. That is another topic that we’ll be sharing information on in another post soon.

Understanding that the Root Chakra and its energy is the gateway and first step to your highest levels of spirituality is the most important step in your journey.

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Having a healthy Root Chakra is the start of most journeys into spirituality and enlightenment. With this chakra dealing so much with primal baser instincts and feelings, the power and energy can be intense. Attaching to the wrong pleasures and passions can be tempting when the energy begins to flow, so we must learn to conquer and control our own emotions, fears, and desires when focusing on this charka.

The symbol for the Root Chakra as seen on this page includes the Sanskrit syllable or sound (mantra) of “lam” (Lam) at its center लं . The sound of Lam (pronounced with an “ah” vowel sound) repeated in meditation can help awaken the spirit and energy through the Root Chakra to create a sense of stability and foundation to the earth and yourself.

With the Lam mantra, allow the energy of the Root Chakra to awaken. The Lam mantra not only connects your Root Chakra to Earth, but it also will allow for cleansing and balancing of the Root Chakra, which in turn creates a greater connection to the Earth. With a greater connection to Earth and its consciousness, you will be able to recognize when earthly pleasures and passions become too consuming before they pose a real threat to your energy and survival.


Understanding that the Root Chakra deals with emotions, survival, and natural instincts, we know that the Root Chakra is usually blocked by fear or anger. When you begin to feel the energy of the Root Chakra opening, release all fears and know that your fears are self-created.

As you continue living life with an open Root Chakra, be aware of how others around you affect your energy. Be aware of the temptations of pleasure and do not overly indulge in passions. Patience and discipline are key to allowing the Root Chakra energy to flow smoothly.

Lastly, and in most likelihood the most important for the majority of people in this day and age, the removing of fear and anger from your being will help begin your spiritual and conscious ascension up the chakras. The Root Chakra is usually blocked (not flowing) due to fear.  Once fear has been dispelled and anger has been remapped to joy, the journey beginning within and through the Root Chakra can continue to the next wheel of energy in your body, the Sacral Chakra.

~ Chakras ~