When you schedule a QHHT session, you will first have an interview with the practitioner. The practitioner will ask you several questions to learn about you and why your life’s journey has brought you here. You may go through your life story and any events that stand out. Try to answer any questions that the practitioner may have. It is essential that you be completely transparent with the practitioner during the interview. Not fully divulging truths will only make your session/experience much more difficult and less beneficial. Remember, the benefit is not for the practitioner, but for YOU!

The Healing White Energy is capable of health restoration, recovery, and miracles. Believing is the first step.
The Healing White Energy is capable of health restoration, recovery, and miracles. Believing is the first step.


After the interview you will begin the hypnosis portion of the session. When the practitioner puts you into a deep trance, you will most likely be guided through a calming series of  mind relaxations. Once you are fully relaxed, your subconscious, or Higher Self, is all knowing and will then choose what you will “see” or experience. You will be doing all of the talking, explaining in detail what you may see or feel. The practitioner will only be asking questions to your Higher Self to help navigate your experience. Throughout this particular part of the hypnosis session, it is important (for your benefit) to communicate whatever you see and feel to the practitioner. The more detail you give, the better! You will most likely end up learning a lesson that your subconscious knows you have to learn, which may help unlock your potential to better your Self.


After your experiences and potential lessons have been learned, the wonderful process of revelation can now begin on your physical body, mental mind, or spirit energy. The practitioner will ask your subconscious for that help. There may be very specific questions asked during this portion of your session pertaining to your improvement. As you continue your experience, keep an open mind to allow the positive energy to do what it does! You might be wondering what kind of positive energy and improvements? Here comes the best part that we can report, ANYTHING. Literally anything from physical, emotional, habitual, spiritual, etc. Your subconscious can do anything, as long as you allow it to and are willing to make the changes necessary to keep the change a positive one.

NOTE: A great book to begin your adventure with some background and history on QHHT is Five Lives Remembered by Dolores Cannon.


Once the hypnosis has traversed from the induction, through the experience of the High Self, and finally to the subconscious, the practitioner will bring you out of the trance. Your hypnosis session will be recorded via audio and you may keep and listen to it at any time. Listening to your recorded audio is very important to the healing process. Make sure to listen to your audio several times to ensure your message from your Higher Self sinks in. Just like a dream, there will be parts you remember and parts you do not. The more times you listen to your session the better your self improvements will become and longer they will stay.