Goals for a Better Life


Most people wonder why things are happening to them, when in reality those events occur because of them. Interesting thought, isn’t it? These events are the manifestations of the energy and thoughts one puts into the universe, whether consciously or unconsciously. Given that one’s thoughts and actions can determine one’s life experiences, how can one create their own reality? 


The first step is to focus on what you truly want in life. Actually sit down and spend time figuring out the details. Be as detailed as possible. For example, “I want to be healthy” or “I want to be rich” is too broad and undefined. You must determine what “being rich” means to you. Is it a certain sum of money? What’s the money for? Certain possessions? To allow you the freedom to pursue an endeavor you are passionate about? Would you stay living where you are? Move to a new house, new state, or new country? What would the house look like? Which state/country would you move to? Again, go deep into each detail as much as possible. Start envisioning in your mind what your new life looks like. The same depth of detail should be used for both short-term desires and long-term goals.


Goals are very important for any type of growth, and as you begin your goal-setting and envisioning you may begin just as the questions above begin – in a very physical, earthly realm of thinking. As your consciousness grows, your goals will morph from the physical to the spiritual. Each of us should be striving to achieve more goals set in the spiritual realm. Strangely enough, when our spirit is on a course that our mind has created, the physical realm tends to catch up and provides the tools necessary to achieve your goals.


There is no reason to feel “silly” or embarrassed about what you are working towards if you believe it will help you be a better person or lead a better life. How many times have you heard “I doubt it will ever happen, but it would be cool if…” when a loved one is describing something they want out of life? It’s common when talking to friends and family to diminish our wishes and goals, usually to save our pride “in case” something doesn’t happen. However, sitting idle and simply hoping the change will occur is not a strategy. You will have to put real thought and energy (and thought energy!) into the transformation. Having a positive, can-do attitude can be the difference between change and staying the same.


Negative thinking can essentially cancel the prior positive thought energy you were putting out into the universe. Yes, you can be your biggest detractor of your own desires! Failing is never fun, especially with an audience, but sharing your passions and goals with others helps increase the creation energy output. Imagine sharing your desires with someone that wants the same thing for you! Now they are putting their thought energy towards your goals; how empowering! Support like this not only gives you more resolve to work towards your goals, it can literally help manifest them into reality. Each person that transmits thought energy towards the same goals not only adds to it, but actually multiplies the creation possibility!


Obviously bigger changes/longer-term goals will take longer to manifest than short-term ambitions. If you have a setback despite giving full effort, assess what happened, learn from it, give yourself a break, and continue moving forward with the new knowledge you have. Obstacles and mistakes are bound to occur, but don’t let those detractions become excuses. If you have shared your aspirations with someone and they later ask about it, even if they ask in a mocking manner (“hey, how’s the whole ‘eating healthy’ thing working out for ya?”), try replying with positivity. “I’m still working on it” or “I’m trying!” legitimizes your goals and keeps constructive energy directed towards your ambitions. Continued positive thinking and sticking to your mind’s vision will help keep your spirits up and help you make your goals a reality.