Life’s “Curveballs”

The “Curveball” in Life How many times have you heard the phrase “curveball” used for an unexpected scenario in life? How many times has the phrase “curveball” been used for a perceived negative, unexpected scenario? Many times when we hear someone (or ourselves) say that “Life threw me a curveball”, it’s usually portrayed in a negative […]

Arrows of Pythagoras

ARROWS OF PYTHAGORAS The Arrows of Pythagoras, also known as the Lines of Pythagoras, are the patterns or “lines” that appear from what Yottamind calls the “numeric birth chart”, which is a form of grid arithmancy with a Pythagorean influence. The numeric birth chart is a 3×3 grid with the numbers 1 through 9 plotted […]

Happiness Is Moderation

Happiness by Renunciation Most people find happiness through the pleasures of the senses.  Very few people find happiness through renunciation (rejection of something); however, this is where the greater happiness can be found. Removing and moderating the pleasures in our life can actually bring us…. more happiness? 🤔 Some Common Examples of Brief Happiness Some […]

Consciousness VS Computer

SIMILARTIES OF CONSCIOUSNESS & COMPUTER For any computer specialist or even perhaps computer enthusiasts now-a-days, the similarities between our human experience and a computer simulated program are strikingly alike. From our own anatomy to how we perceive our reality, humans and computers were seemingly destined for coexistence. The mind created the computer. Remember that. COMPARING […]

You Reap What You Sow

THE FUTURE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT You are the heir of your own actions. You reap what you sow. These sayings, from spiritual masters like Jesus or Buddha, have been around far longer than any of us have been on this Earth. We’ve all heard them. Intellectually we probably know what they mean. The […]

Kundalini Energy

HIDDEN COSMIC ENERGY IN THE BODY Did you know there is a hidden, sleeping energy in your body and being? Maybe some of you have known this or felt this already. Others might be just learning that this energy exists. Regardless, here is a brief over view of something called the Kundalini, or hidden energy, […]

The Higher 4 Densities

WHAT ARE THE HIGHER DENSITIES? As we continue our exploration into densities (check out the first 3 densities here), let us take a brief look into the higher densities that humanity is challenged with entering at the current time. FOURTH DENSITY – THE “DENSITY OF LOVE & COMPASSION” The Fourth Density is comprised mainly of […]

Intro to Ascension

What is Ascension?  Ascension is reaching the next level of vibration (or density) physically. The catch is that ascension must be obtained through mental and spiritual pursuits. For those of us on the Earth, this is moving from Third to Fourth Density vibrations. As we learned in the previous post, ascension can begin once a […]

3 Qualities Needed to Expand Consciousness

Ever wonder why certain people just won’t, don’t, and can’t see reality differently than how they currently see it? To expand one’s consciousness, it seems there are three qualities or characteristics that are needed. Most people have portions of one or two of the qualities, but lack enough in one of the three to hold […]

Body Symbolism Part 5 Final

  Be sure to to read the following before continuing: Body Symbolism Part 1 Body Symbolism Part 2 Body Symbolism Part 3 Body Symbolism Part 4   BODY SYMBOLISM SUMMARY In conclusion, it truly is amazing how the human body can contain all the answers that we seek in life. Some simple self reflection throughout your […]