Love & Connections

Love & Connections

LOVE To love is to feel a deep, intense affection. Usually, love is used when describing extreme affection between people: I love my parents. I love my children. I love my spouse. People can also love doing things: I love to run. I love to help. I love to listen to music. Some may argue […]

Color of Your Aura

DOES YOUR AURA HAVE A COLOR? Ever wonder why you gravitate towards particular colors? Have you had a favorite color for the majority of your life? Colors that resonate with you may very well be the color(s) of your aura or the color of the aura you wish to seek in others. Auras have not […]

What is an Empath?

THE EMPATH PERSONA A person that can sense and feel the emotions, energies, and feelings of others is known as an empath. If you were to Google the word empath, you will see that the definition incorporates the words “science fiction” and “paranormal”. For most people, the ability to feel another person’s emotions may seem […]