New Earth & What’s To Come

New Earth & What’s To Come

Right now, the Earth is shifting into a new vibration. For years, people all across the world have felt and sensed that a major change was coming. People of all vibrations and levels have felt the world, their lives, and time begin to “move faster”. How is it that people feel that same  phenomenon yet […]

Kundalini Energy

HIDDEN COSMIC ENERGY IN THE BODY Did you know there is a hidden, sleeping energy in your body and being? Maybe some of you have known this or felt this already. Others might be just learning that this energy exists. Regardless, here is a brief over view of something called the Kundalini, or hidden energy, […]

Food, Fuel, & Elements

Food as Pleasure = Problem Ever love a food so much just because of the taste? Ever abuse a particular food, snack, or meal so much it was borderline gluttony (or actual gluttony)? You are NOT alone. The majority of humans in our society have been raised in a food-focused culture, food has become a […]