Intro to Ascension

Intro to Ascension

What is Ascension?  Ascension is reaching the next level of vibration (or density) physically. The catch is that ascension must be obtained through mental and spiritual pursuits. For those of us on the Earth, this is moving from Third to Fourth Density vibrations. As we learned in the previous post, ascension can begin once a […]

3 Qualities Needed to Expand Consciousness

Ever wonder why certain people just won’t, don’t, and can’t see reality differently than how they currently see it? To expand one’s consciousness, it seems there are three qualities or characteristics that are needed. Most people have portions of one or two of the qualities, but lack enough in one of the three to hold […]

Goals for a Better Life

HOW CAN YOU CREATE A BETTER LIFE? Most people wonder why things are happening to them, when in reality those events occur because of them. Interesting thought, isn’t it? These events are the manifestations of the energy and thoughts one puts into the universe, whether consciously or unconsciously. Given that one’s thoughts and actions can […]