The Ra of Egypt

The Ra of Egypt

Egypt & The Ra Connection From the first Law of One introduction, we mentioned the existence of the social memory complex (group of multiple entities and their collective consciousness) of Ra. We will now go into a little more depth in terms of who/what Ra is and how Ra connects to ancient Egypt. If you […]

The First 3 Densities

What is a Density?  Vibrations are measured by densities. Believe it or not, we are simply vibrations of consciousness! The First Density, Second Density, and Third Density all manifest in the physical realm. Let’s take a brief look into each to begin. First Density – the “Density of Being” First Density of physical vibration is […]

What is the Law of One?

What is The Law of One The more people begin to hear about the Law of One, the more often the question is asked, “What is the Law of One?” The Law of One is a collection of channeled sessions and material from a collective consciousness (known as Ra) whose main topic is that all […]