Consciousness VS Computer

Consciousness VS Computer

SIMILARTIES OF CONSCIOUSNESS & COMPUTER For any computer specialist or even perhaps computer enthusiasts now-a-days, the similarities between our human experience and a computer simulated program are strikingly alike. From our own anatomy to how we perceive our reality, humans and computers were seemingly destined for coexistence. The mind created the computer. Remember that. COMPARING […]

You Reap What You Sow

THE FUTURE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT You are the heir of your own actions. You reap what you sow. These sayings, from spiritual masters like Jesus or Buddha, have been around far longer than any of us have been on this Earth. We’ve all heard them. Intellectually we probably know what they mean. The […]

Goals for a Better Life

HOW CAN YOU CREATE A BETTER LIFE? Most people wonder why things are happening to them, when in reality those events occur because of them. Interesting thought, isn’t it? These events are the manifestations of the energy and thoughts one puts into the universe, whether consciously or unconsciously. Given that one’s thoughts and actions can […]