New Earth & What’s To Come

New Earth & What’s To Come

Right now, the Earth is shifting into a new vibration. For years, people all across the world have felt and sensed that a major change was coming. People of all vibrations and levels have felt the world, their lives, and time begin to “move faster”. How is it that people feel that same  phenomenon yet […]

Intro to Ascension

What is Ascension?  Ascension is reaching the next level of vibration (or density) physically. The catch is that ascension must be obtained through mental and spiritual pursuits. For those of us on the Earth, this is moving from Third to Fourth Density vibrations. As we learned in the previous post, ascension can begin once a […]

The First 3 Densities

What is a Density?  Vibrations are measured by densities. Believe it or not, we are simply vibrations of consciousness! The First Density, Second Density, and Third Density all manifest in the physical realm. Let’s take a brief look into each to begin. First Density – the “Density of Being” First Density of physical vibration is […]