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Energy can be defined by the science community as many things. Various Google searches will yield several thousand results with most mainly focusing on a notion that energy is “a quantitative property that must be transferred to an object to perform work” or the “capacity to do work”. We all know it is so much more than just that! (We’ll talk about that “must be transferred” bit in many articles in the future!)

In a spiritual sense, energy can be your soul, your spirit, your vibration. Someone that has a noticeable “zest for life” may be said to have a “higher energy”, or “higher vibration” than someone that mopes around. The higher energy tends to be (and feel!) more positive and optimistic while lower energy tends to be more negative and pessimistic. Our goal is to help others raise their energy and vibration to higher levels, thus becoming more positive and ultimately gain the ability to resonate optimism.


One great example of the traditional, science based definition of energy is demonstrated in food and humans! The foods we eat directly transfers into our bodies and affects our overall energy. Our energy affects our chakras which, in turn, affect our health, our aura, our mind… pretty much everything in our consciousness! Food IS energy. Well…. certain foods!

As we begin moving up spiritually and consciously to raise our energy and vibration, tackling Earthly pleasures is one of the toughest challenges most people face. Food has notoriously been used as a satisfier, a hobby, and even a pleasure. While some people take comfort in eating, they forget the main purpose of food – to be a fuel for our vehicle – our BODY – and that’s it!


Below is a list of foods that tend to give higher energies to the human body. You will notice that many of them have a direct connection with our biggest source of energy, the Sun! Eating these foods also help some people feel lighter and raises their vibration.

Larger list coming soon! We’re doing our best to give our most researched and personally tried foods and supplements to better your body and energy.

In the mean time, did you know there are other ways to transfer more energy to your body than just food alone? And did you know that if we master those methods, humans won’t need much food to not only survive, but function on a high level? Believe it! More information coming soon!