To answer that question, think about the meaning of the phrase “keep them in the dark”. What does that mean to you? To literally and physically keep someone in a dark, lightless place? Not usually.

Keeping someone in the dark usually means to keep someone from being educated, perhaps withholding information from someone on purpose? With that understanding, we now know that “light” is not just electromagnetic radiation visible to the human eye. It is much, much more. Light… is knowledge.


To further prove the fact that light is knowledge, look at the word “enlighten”. What does it mean to be enlightened? In Eastern cultures, enlightenment is the “awakening” process; the ability to comprehend the entirety of all things. Often times this awakening or enlightenment revolves around an attained wisdom. Also look within the word enlighten, notice the LIGHT in the middle, thus solidifying that light is wisdom and knowledge.

Furthermore, when one has the understanding of letters and numbers it becomes even more evident that light is wisdom through the ancient practice of Gematria.

Light is wisdom.