Most people that find their Heart’s Desire to be 1 are seeking independence. The ability to be on one’s own without depending on others is paramount. With the 1’s general vibration of standing straight up, as the glyph demonstrates, a Heart’s Desire of 1 typically seeks to be one’s feet, hold itself up. Again, independence is key.

This continues to show in the individuals uniqueness. That doesn’t always translate to being the zany, crazy one of the group. What that usually means is that people with a  Heart’s Desire of 1 don’t mind being controversial. Against the general grain is also a commonanlity shared by those with a Heart’s Desire of 1.

Due to the want and desire of being independent and standing for oneself, the Heart’s Desire of 1 typically has very strong drive and will, thus opening more doors of success for the individual.


A Heart’s Desire of 1 usually shows that one prefers to start their own traditions, their own gatherings, and perhaps branch out from the central family. A Heart’s Desire of 1  doesn’t mind losing touch with core family members, such as patriarchs and matriarchs or even brothers and sisters.


Those with a Heart’s Desire of 1 tend to be business owners and workhorses. Many people have the drive to become managers and supervisors intrinsically, though circumstances and other numbers may interfere with their actual abilities. Those that have 1’s and 8’s in their other numerologies tend to be the strongest leaders.


A person with a Heart’s Desire of 1 tpyically wants the ability to live and control their life on their own accord. Although the desire to be in control of their own destiny is important, it does not always mean they are the only ones involved in their life’s adventure.

Even though often times people with a Heart’s Desire of 1 tend to be confident and successful leaders, that is not always the case, as your life path number, personality number, and pinnacles play a role in those character traits as well.

Remember, the Heart’s Desire is simply one piece to the puzzle of your Self. Be sure to visit our other calculators as they become available to you.

Heart's Desire #1