The Pineal Gland is a very small, conical shaped body in the brain that is a part of the human endocrine system. Its purpose and functions are not well known in modern-day society (we know though!) and main-stream academia will only validate that the Pineal Gland is responsible for the secretion of melatonin, which is the hormone that deals mostly with sleep patterns, circadian cycles, and season cycles. Oh there’s so much more! But first, more of the basics about the Pineal Gland…

Located virtually in the center of the brain, the Pineal Gland sits between the left and right hemispheres. The pinecone-shaped gland is triggered by light (off) and also by the absence of light (on). As your eyes close and the light from the physical world becomes shut off, the Pineal Gland activates. Its purpose is far deeper and much more powerful than simply “moderating your sleep patterns” and we will discuss this in greater detail in other pages.

Pineal Gland ~ 3rd Eye

“Through darkness comes great light”


Ever hear someone mention the third eye? How about the mind’s eye? These are references to the Pineal Gland. Unfortunately, 95% of Westerners have no idea what the Pineal Gland is, let alone its actual function.

Most Eastern religions refer to the Pineal Gland as the third eye or the Third Eye Chakra, also known as the ajna or bindu. This is exemplified in their statues, their sacred texts, and even in their modern styles. Many women of the Indian subcontinent and Hindu belief wear something called a bindi in the middle of their forehead, representing either the power of the third eye or the act of opening the third eye.

Interestingly enough, babies, children, and women in some Asian cultures also wear a similar marking in the same spot on the forehead just above and between the eyebrows. You may have seen the dot (usually red) on the foreheads of people at some point in your life and wondered “Why the dot? Why there?” In both cases, this can represent the esoteric power of the Third Eye Chakra or Pineal Gland, thus these people pay their homage and respect. Those cultures are absolutely aware of the importance and powers of this sacred “gland”, many of which will be discussed in other pages on this website.


Unfortunately for many of us, our Pineal Glands have been forcibly and brutally attacked in the modern day (post WWII).


The entrance into abilities like telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance, deeper intuition, universal knowledge, etc. has been limited and in some cases completely locked by our habits of the modern day. Some of the habits may be things that you can take control of, and hopefully/possibly reverse. Then, perhaps, you might begin to see the true power of your Pineal Gland.

In other cases, as much as we are pained to share, many of these habits and tendencies have not been in your control from birth due to government, modern-day science, and the agendas behind both of the aforementioned. Grim, we know, but stay positive!

Still seeking enlightenment? Press on, light seekers! And may God, your consciousness, and the universe be with you on your journey.

Love Lives! (…And so does light!)