Before we go much further into the Pineal Gland and its true powers, let’s first make sure the basics are covered. Here are a few other names for the Pineal Gland:

  • Glandula pinealis
  • Pinealis
  • Conarium
  • Epiphysis cerebri
  • Mind’s Eye
  • Third Eye
  • Pineal Eye
  • Ajna

The shape of the Pineal Gland closely resembles a pinecone, hence the name “pineal” like pine and “conarium” like cone. The pinecone has been the chosen natural icon to represent the Pineal Gland for several centuries, and perhaps many millennia. Just like your Pineal Gland, the pinecone can be constrained and closed, or liberated and opened.



Staff of Osiris in Egyptian culture. The twin cobras climb the staff and help activate the Pineal Gland.
Pineal Gland in Sumerian stone relief
Pinecone as Pineal Gland
Pine Cone in Assyrian History
Figurine holding pinecones


The Fontana della Pigna - Pineal Gland - Pine Cone - Vatican City, Rome, Italy
Pinecone - Pineal Gland - Piazza Cavour Square


Alright, let’s get right to it. The Pineal Gland acts as the body’s transmitter and receiver. Of what? Perhaps consciousness. Perhaps energies of all sorts. Regardless, data in the form of thought can be sent and/or received by activating and utilizing the Pineal Gland.

Furthermore, the Pineal Gland is the bridge between the physical world and the metaphysical world; the material world and the spiritual world. The mind and body are connected through the Pineal Gland, thus giving us the essence of soul. Depending on how you were raised, this idea of soul is believed to be directly from God, the universe itself, or an ultimate creator (which could be you!). The Pineal Gland is your direct link-up back to the source, to God, the universal consciousness. All information is accessible once that link is connected and utilized again.

Why is this connection to the source needed? Unless you lead a perfect life already (may you continue to be blessed if so!), most people struggle throughout life. Some more than others, and some more frequently than others. Revelations of all kinds can be learned and understood when your Pineal Gland is reconnected to the universal consciousness in which it came from. Once that happens, one can expand their awareness to things and events around them as well as expand their consciousness. Deepening one’s consciousness can improve one’s clarity and intuition. This awakening can then in turn improve one’s lifestyle. Even further, as one improves their Self, they can then better serve and assist the lives of loved ones much easier, perhaps even in the form of healing! The Pineal Gland connects us to ultimate knowledge and knowing. Sure beats going through life blindly without that pure, true understanding.


The Pineal Gland becomes active when a few prerequisites are met:

  • Water Intake
  • Body relaxation
  • Calm & Consistent Breathing
  • Darkness
  • Clear Mind

Water Intake – One of the most important and overlooked prerequisites of activating the Pineal Gland is water. Water in your body and its system will help carry much needed fluid to the Pineal Gland. Even though the Pineal Gland is very small (the size of a pea or so), it does require water to function, thus a dehydrated body may not have the ability to activate its Pineal Gland.

Body Relaxation – Relax your body so that your muscles are not tense. Laying down is a great way to start this practice. Sitting would be adequate as well, as long as your body is fully relaxed. Relaxation of the body allows the your blood to flow through your system easier and more smooth, thus allowing your brain to have adequate blood flow to allow the Pineal Gland its best opportunity to do what it does.

Calm & Consistent Breathing – Breathing in a relaxed, calm, and consistent manner allows oxygen to spread properly throughout the body and mind. As you relax and focus on your breathing, you may already start to feel very different than your “regular self feeling” when you’re just going about your day. There are several breathing exercises out there, some of which we will list and recommend in the future. For now, just relax and focus on smooth, consistent breathing.

Darkness – As you begin this adventure to activate your Pineal Gland, we suggest removing yourself from all types of light. Find a room with sufficient room-darkening blinds or perhaps a room with no windows where you can control the light entirely. Close your eyes and begin to embrace the lack of light. Many people will already begin to “see” colors in their mind’s eye. Other will get more of a “sense” about seeing something or feeling something in front of them. Either way, just let whatever happens happen.

Clear Mind – If you go into this exercise (without practice) and think that you will control what you see or even have a very defined purpose, you will be very disappointed. If perhaps you are able to manifest a particular series of to-do’s while in this state, then consider yourself very lucky and fortunate, as many people must practice this several times and still may never get to that point. Regardless, it is a safe bet to simply clear your mind and allow the third eye to do what it needs and wants to do. Remove all thought and logic for a short time. Do not worry about work, do not worry about people in your life, do not think. Simply let in the mind’s own light and experiences that come to you. Opening the Pineal Gland is about being willing to receive and accept. Once that can be accomplished, your abilities to send and transmit can commence.


The Pineal Gland, when utilized properly, can offer wisdom, light, and abilities beyond human comprehension such as healing and other “supernatural” abilities. It may very well be a gateway or portal to the higher, universal consciousness. The ability to tap into esoteric knowledge can not only change one’s life, but can even change the course of humanity.

Due to the importance and power that the Pineal Gland offers, it’s no wonder that there have been groups of people that have down played the Pineal Gland and even all but ignored it from our science books in order to keep its true power a secret. Some in control have even gone to great lengths to disrupt (and even tactfully remove) the general public’s ability to use the Pineal Gland through a variety of means. More on this under The Deception page (coming soon).