Self can be defined in many ways.

For now, let us consider the Self as the full perception of your being by you and others.

Your essence. Your personality. Your feelings. Your existence in accordance to your mind as well as the minds of others.

The Self and human experience is not created for isolation, hence we never come into the world alone. We have a father and a mother that have created each of us. From birth, we all have someone that cares for us through our infancy, to our toddler years, to our youth, through our adolescent years, and finally to an adult.

A human life is never brought here on its own, it can’t be; so the Self is a collection of perceptions. How could the Self be only your perception of your being? It can’t! Believe it or not, everyone in your life makes up your Self.


Each step of the way, you are forming your Self and others are absorbing their perception of that Self. Check out your Personality Number to learn more about how others perceive you. From what others perceive, they project their perception of your Self back to you, which creates the full Self.

Ever wonder why people think certain things of you? It stems from your perception of your Self and how that perception manifests in others’ perception of that very same Self. Lots of back and forth here, we know!

Regardless, it’s important to create your best Self at all times! It’s what people will give back to you and what creates your reality and your world.


The Higher Self, or subconscious, can be known as your over-watching and observing consciousness. Yes, it is odd to think that the subconscious has consciousness, but bear with us as we explain more!

The Higher Self is your own being that is your true, real Self. Your own waking consciousness, or your own perception of “Self” as described in the previous paragraph, is the image and perception of your being that you project into your reality. Check out your Expression Number to learn more about who your Higher Self wants you to become.

That is a process created and performed by the Higher Self, the origin of you. Your Higher Self has many abilities that most people are simply unaware of. Even worse, those that may be aware of the Higher Self sometimes deny or even reject the fact that is surely does exist. Intuition and premonition stem from your Higher Self, and that was brought to this reality by, who else, YOU!

Self - Many Perpsectives & Perceptions