There are many websites and books that one can explore to find an overview on astrology. If we break down the word from its Greek and Latin origins, we find astron and astro, meaning “star” and logia and ology meaning “the science of” or “the study of”. Therefore, combining the prefix and suffix we come to astro-logy or Astrology – the study of the stars.

On Yottamind, the astrology information that we are focused on sharing is to deepen your understanding of your self, why are you the way you are! By simply exploring your birthday numbers or “birth chart”, there are many interesting and perhaps startling bits of information.


To some, understanding astrology is simply paying attention your horoscope. To others, it is studying the entire zodiac and all of its symbolism and meanings. Although the information on this page is simply an introduction, we will hopefully assist in understanding some of the basics of astrology and how it can pertain to your life. Astrology may give you answers on why you are the way you are and why you do the things you do.

No, there will not be horoscopes in the upcoming pages. There are plenty of websites that handle that type of thing. This portion of the website aims to bring a collective understanding of astrology to the average person who may not have had a proper exposure and explanation to the study in the past. Read more in the sections below as we begin a journey into the stars.